SCHNEIDER Sporting Goods Distribution is a leading distribution company that specializes in delivering quality sporting goods to retailers and wholesalers in Russia and The Eurasian Economic Union.

We understand that local markets can be sometimes unpredictable and challenging, which is why we take a strategic approach to all aspects of our business. We aim to help our clients avoid the chaos that can often arise in the distribution of goods, including the risks associated with parallel imports and counterfeit goods. Our team is committed to ensuring that our clients' products are distributed and marketed effectively, maximizing their success and profit.


We proactively identify challenges and opportunities to help you fully leverage the potential of your brand in the market.

Our team of experienced professionals is skilled in working with all types of retailers in Russia and EAEU, from large chains to individual entrepreneurs in remote areas.

We understand the risks and challenges involved in doing business in the region and are prepared to tackle any obstacles that may arise.

At SCHNEIDER, we pride ourselves on being a reliable and long-term partner for both international companies and local retailers. We strive to develop and implement distribution and marketing strategies that not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations.

If you are a manufacturer of sporting goods and are looking for a reliable partner in Russia and EAEU to help you grow your business, look no further than SCHNEIDER Sporting Goods Distribution.

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SCHNEIDER Sporting Goods Distribution is the exclusive distributor of leading sports and outdoor brands such as MALOJA, HOLMENKOL, EISBÄR, KÄSTLE, SHRED, SEIZ, and others.


SCHNEIDER Sporting Goods Distribution (Isi Safe Rus LLC) was founded by Austrian citizen Werner Schneider, who has been specializing in the distribution of sports and outdoor products in Russia and EAEU for over 25 years. Under his leadership, brands such as FISCHER, ATOMIC, SALOMON, WILSON, SUUNTO, and SPORTLAND successfully entered the markets of Russia / EAEU.

Werner Schneider

Werner Schneider is the founder and CEO of SCHNEIDER Sporting Goods Distribution (Isi Safe Rus LLC)

In 1995, he established a full-fledged trading representation of the world's number one ski brand, FISCHER, by creating the subsidiary "Fischer Ski & Tennis" in Russia and becoming its general director. The company attained a leading market position in 9 years, with tens of millions of euros in turnover, a team of about 80 people, and a powerful distribution network.

In 2004, Werner Schneider participated in the launch of the SPORTLAND chain of sports stores. Also, in 2004, he headed and began building the Russian representation of the international corporation AMER SPORTS, which owns such major sports brands as SALOMON, ATOMIC, WILSON, and others. By 2011, under Werner Schneider's leadership, AMER SPORTS had become a strong team that ensured the creation of a powerful distribution network, logistics, and financial infrastructure in Russia. Over 7 years, Werner Schneider and his team managed to create a profitable, growing business, significantly increasing turnover, market share, and establishing strong positions for the company's brands in the Russian market.

After 2011, Werner Schneider began working as an independent distribution consultant for sports and active lifestyle brands in Russia and EAEU. In particular, from 2013 to 2019, he helped develop the wholesale sales structure of the cult brand JACK WOLFSKIN, creating a team of sales representatives and ensuring reliable distribution of the brand throughout the country, while increasing sales volumes several times over.

In 2012, Werner Schneider founded his own company, which combines various projects for the distribution of international brands in Russia and EAEU.

Currently, SCHNEIDER Sporting Goods Distribution (Isi Safe Rus LLC) actively works with many international sports brands, such as MALOJA, HOLMENKOL, EISBÄR, KÄSTLE, SHRED, SEIZ, and others.

The company serves as the "missing link" connecting the product and marketing expertise of global manufacturers of high-quality goods with the distribution system of the Russian and EAEU markets.

Our team knows how to work with local retail, from large federal networks to individual entrepreneurs in the regions. They anticipate necessary risks and conduct business planning with ample time reserves.

The company provides comprehensive support in developing and implementing distribution and marketing strategies for its clients.

SCHNEIDER Sporting Goods Distribution (Isi Safe Rus LLC) is a long-term, reliable partner for both international companies and local retail organizations. We are interested in making cooperation mutually beneficial, building a reliable retail network, and expanding the regional presence of represented brands throughout Russia and beyond.

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